25 July 2017
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Live Golf on TV

Many people believe that golf is a game for the elite and the rich. After all, it is played in large courses, the playing costs are high, and not everyone has access to good golf courses. Yet, after watching live golf, many more people have become interested in the game. Golf may not have the excitement of football; it may not generate the passion that the cricket Ashes tournament does, yet, there is a grace and finesse to this game that few other games offer. Golf is not a game for the masses, but it is a game which today has a steadily rising audience. In fact, watching live golf on TV has now become a great way to spend a day for many sports lovers. Sports bars have now started showing live golf fixtures and tournaments in order to attract this discerning clientele

Use this page to find local bars and pubs showing live Ryder Cup, US Open and PGA Championship Golf on TV. read more

Sorry, there are currently no fixtures availble in this category. Please check back soon as our fixtues are updated regulary.