Pubs and Sports Bars in Liverpool Showing Live Sport on TV
25 July 2017
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Welcome to our Liverpool page, Liverpool is home to two of the most famous football teams in English football, and one of the biggest rivalries in the world; Liverpool FC and Everton FC,The Blues and The Reds, The Kopites and The Toffees; where Anfield and Goodison are separated by Stanley Park, and the city is separated by their loyalty to their club.

Liverpool is an amazing city steeped in history and controversy and a place where you will find an unbelievable night life filled with glamorous and gorgeous women, trendy fellers in trendy clubs, bars, restaurants and pubs. Liverpool is also home to the famous nightclub and dance brand Cream and now building a reputation for being one of the top cities to let your hair down and party in Europe.

For those of you unfortunate not to get a ticket to the game, watching live sports on tv has to be the next best thing. With hundreds of sport bars dotted around the city centre and plenty pubs and bars showing Barclays Premier League football, in Mathew Street, down by the dock and even throughout the suburbs, Liverpool is one of the best places to watch sport. If you can´t get a ticket for the derby then watch the derby live on tv in one of the sports pubs in Liverpool. We hope you enjoy your stay in the city and we hope your team wins long as they aren´t playing one of ours!