25 July 2017
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Sports Pubs Website with 250,000 Users and Rising

With over 250,000 users throughout the UK so far we have a huge demand for new pubs that is increasing month on month.

50 – 250 Visits per Month to Pubs Profiles

Our pubs profile pages receive on average between 50 and 250 visits each month, found on our search feature and on Google.

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Free Listings For UK Pubs

Choose a free listing to attract new customers looking for local pubs or upgrade to a premium listing to appear at the top of our search results.

Increased Exposure with a Premium Listing

Our Premium Listings deliver more visitors to your profile page and ensures you appear at the top of our search results.

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Found at the Top of Google

We can be found at the top of Google for thousands of unique search terms attracting hundreds of thousands of visitors.

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All our web pages are designed to ensure maximum exposure on search engines for location, sport and pub related searches.

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Automated Fixture System

Our System is simple to use and will automatically update your pubs fixtures allowing control of 1 to 2,000 pubs at any one time.

Display Fixtures on Your Own Website

Keep your own website up to date at the same time with your Live Sports Bars fixture widget.

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Socially Interact with Customers

Promote your twitter and facebook page on your pubs profile. Simply add your twitter username and paste the script from your facebook account.

Full Online Support

We provide full support regardless of the issue, to ensure you make the very most of your Live Sports Bars listing.

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